About Us

Our goal at Pickard USA is to bring a fresh new approach to the custom motorcycle parts industry. An extensive design and thought process has been applied to each design, allowing the custom motorcycle builder a number of styling options.

All of our wheels are made in the USA and machined from 6061 T6 forged Aluminum.  We utilize the latest 3D CAD/CAM technology to manufacture our signature 3D surfaced designs.  Once the wheels are machined, they are hand polished to remove all tool marks, then buffed to a mirror like finish.  The polished wheels undergo a triple plate show chrome process, which carries a 2 year warranty.  When the wheels are finished with the chrome plating process, your specific hubs will be assembled, mounted, and trued before shipping.  Our hubs are developed for your specific year and model, which allows you to utilize your stock wheel spacers during installation.  We provide a true bolt on aftermarket wheel, so installation is a breeze!

Roll a pair of Pickard wheels in the sun and you will know what everyone is talking about. Again, styling and attention to detail is at the forefront at Pickard USA.   We will always bring  you the freshest wheel and accessory designs, so don’t take your eyes off of us!  Separate yourself, get some attitude, and use products from Pickard USA on your next serious build.